Regatta Calendar

Legion of Rowers
Masters Regatta
Sat 27 April 2019

DRAFT 2019 - 2020 Season

Karapiro Memorial Regatta
19 - 17 November 2019
Karapiro Club Regatta
30 November - 1 December 2019
Christmas Regatta
13 - 15 December 2019
Cambridge Town Cup
24-26 January 2020
North Island Club Champs
25-2 January 2020
2018 Rocket Foods
NZ Rowing Championships
18-22 February 2020
Aon Junior Regatta
29 February - 1 March 2020
Aon North Island Secondary
School Championships
13 - 15 March 2020

Information for the Entries Administrator


Karapiro Rowing run some of the largest regattas in New Zealand and at time in the Southern Hemisphere, and as a result have to have some fairly robust systems in place to ensure that the whole entry process runs smoothly and provides us with accurate and timely information. There is a lot of work that goes in behind the scenes to ensure that a regatta is well run and delivers the standard of event that has come to be expected of Karapiro Rowing. The person in the club or school that takes on the responsibility of doing the task of submitting the entries has a role to play in the overall success of the regatta. Generally speaking, those clubs or schools that get their entries correct have a far more relaxed and enjoyable regatta. The position of entries administrator in a lot of schools and clubs seems to be a position that doesn't get filled until such time as they need to submit entries, and then it seems to go to one of the coaches (usually the head coach) to complete the task.

Getting organised ahead of time

One of the first jobs that should be done is to liase with the person or committee that decides which regatta the club will attend for the year. Sometimes the decision as to which regatta will be attended is somewhat dependent on the what events are offered at the regatta, so you should download a copy of the regatta programs (on this site - using the link off the regatta calendar to the left or on the main page, select the regatta and select list of events) and provide them to the person or committee that makes the decision. The events lists for Karapro Rowing regattas are generally available by the begining of September in each year.

To be able to compete at Karapiro Rowing regattas, each and every competitor (rower and coxswain) needs to have a current and valid competition license issued by Rowing New Zealand (the sports National Governing Body). These are obtained from Rowing New Zealand; if you are unsure on how to obtain them, then contact Rowing New Zealand (ph 07-8234587).

Another critical requirement would be a username and password for both the Rowing New Zealand Web Site and the rowIT Web Site. Rowing New Zealand - email and rowIT email and they will be able to assist.

Regatta Terms and Conditions

Each regatta that is run by Karapiro Rowing has a unique set of Terms and Conditions written for it. It is important that Entries Administrator reads and understands the conditions. The terms and conditions cover a wide range of areas connected with the regatta from any rule modifications through to how entries shall be done and payments made. The area that would concern the Entries Administrator would be how the entries are to be done (generally the same for all Karapiro Rowing Regattas) and more importantly what restrictions there are to entries in certain classes or events. It is generally the latter that trips up the entry process.

Making it all work in your club

As there is great diversity in clubs, there is also great diversity in the the range of models that clubs operate. Most clubs have school students as members. In the majority of clubs, these schools operate their own rowing programs and in many cases have ther own rowing equipment. There are also schools that use club equipment to operate their programs and there are also clubs who provide for school age students as everyday club members and allow them to compete for their school after the conclusion of the domestic rowing season. As you can see there are many different ways of operating clubs and just as many different ways in which you have to create systems to gather information for the entries. Often in bigger clubs, it requires a committee specially to approve and co-ordinate entries because what is involved in allocation of the rowing plant (boats, oars etc.)

It is prudent to ensure that you have all the information for the entries at least two days before the closing date for the regatta, because if something as been overlooked or doesn't work - then you have tomorrow to chase up coaches or whoever to get the answer that will allow you complete the entries.

If your club or school require a tent site on the spectator embankment for either rowers or parents / spectators, then make sure that you have that on the list with your entries as they are booked as a part of the entry process.

Depending on how your club wishes to have the entries invoiced also depends on how the entries are done. If all the entries for a club (including its affiliated schools)are entered in the club name, then they will be invoiced on one invoice and they would have to be paid for with one payment from the club that matches the invoice. The schools would have to row in the registered colours of the club. If on the other hand the club would like the billing split between the schools and the club, then the schools would have to be entered in their name and the invoice would be generated in the name of the school who would then be required to row in their school colours.

What happens after the Entries Close

This is when things really swing into action at Karapiro Rowing. The first thing that we do for clubs is to send the invoice for the regatta entries that have been submitted. At this stage clubs or schools are invoiced for their entries into their various selected events, for the amenity fee that is payable for each athlete competing and generally for their tent sites. Once invoices have been generated and the entry data loaded into the regatta management system, then entries are often re-opened for events where there are spare lanes available. In addition to this, the Entries Administrator can scratch (withdraw) crews online and also change the names of people in the crew (providing it meets the requirements of the rules). The closing dates for Supplementary entries, scratchings without penalty and online crew changes will be advised both on the web site and in the conditions.