Regatta Calendar

Legion of Rowers
Masters Regatta
Sat 27 April 2019

DRAFT 2019 - 2020 Season

Karapiro Memorial Regatta
19 - 17 November 2019
Karapiro Club Regatta
30 November - 1 December 2019
Christmas Regatta
13 - 15 December 2019
Cambridge Town Cup
24-26 January 2020
North Island Club Champs
25-2 January 2020
2018 Rocket Foods
NZ Rowing Championships
18-22 February 2020
Aon Junior Regatta
29 February - 1 March 2020
Aon North Island Secondary
School Championships
13 - 15 March 2020

General Information for Clubs and Schools


Karapiro Rowing run all of their regattas on Lake Karapiro which is 7kms south of Cambridge, New Zealand; was the venue for two World Rowing Championsips in 1978 and 2010 and home to Rowing New Zealand's National High Performance Training Centre. The regattas are based at the Mighty River Domain where Karapiro Rowing have access to some very impressive infrastructure owned by the Waipa District Council and a considerable amount owned by Karapiro Rowing. Each year Karapiro Rowing host at least eight regattas between the months of September and April (the domestic rowing season in the Southern Hemisphere).

Regatta Event Lists

Being located in the heartland of rowing, Karapiro Rowing has to provide for the broadest range of athletes available for our regatta programs, that cover athletes who are just starting their journey through rowing as 13 yr olds in school programs at one end of the scale, to athletes who are World and Olympic Champions at the other end. One of the many challenges that we face is endeavouring to cater for this broad range of abilities and experience. The way that we have generally approched the problem is to ensure that the various groups are provided for but with a differing emphasis depending on the time of the season.

Early season regattas tend to be run in the club classes with Senior and Premier grades combined as an Open Grade and the School age group events in under 16 and under 18 only. All novice rowers are treated equally and are raced in the novice class. There are generally restrictions on novice rowers being allowed to compete in small boats early season.

The Christmas Regatta and the Cambridge Town Cup regatta are both two and a half day regattas and will provide for all age group events (except u18 Novice and lightweight) and the the majority of Club events (except Lightweight, u19 and u21). The North Island Club Championships provide most of the events that are raced at the National Championships but with limited races in the under 21 grades as these tend to have very small entries in the larger boat classes. National Club Championships are hosted every second year and use the event list set down by Rowing New Zealand.

With the National Club Championships over in mid to late February, the focus shifts to School Rowing programs and all remaining regattas cater exclusively for this group of athletes. The Mercury Junior regatta will provide the same events as those used for the North Island and New Zealand (Maadi Cup) Secondary School championships and will be run under the NZSSRA rules of racing.

The order of events for the regattas for the season are generally available by mid August each year so as to allow clubs sufficient time to plan thier rowing season.

Regatta Terms and Conditions

Each regatta that is run by Karapiro Rowing has a unique set of Terms and Conditions written for it. It is important that Club and School officials read and adhere to these conditions. The terms and conditions cover a wide range of areas connected with the regatta from any rule modifications through to how entries shall be done and payments made.

Entering Regattas

Karapiro Rowing uses the rowIT regatta entry system for all regattas during the year.

Entries can be done by either Clubs (including all their schools) or by Schools even if they are an affiliate of a Rowing Club. If schools are entered by a club, then they will be treated as members of that club and there will be a requirement for them to race in the official colours of the club and all charges for the schools will be sent to the club.

All athletes wishing to compete in regattas up to and including the National Club Championships must be a holder of a current Rowing New Zealand Competition Licence before entries can be submitted. Registering rowers can be a lengthy process, so clubs and schools are advised to do this early so as not to get caught out when doing entries for regattas.

Club and School Accounts

Karapiro Rowing operates credit accounts for all Clubs and Schools entering their regattas. In past years, entry fees were required to be paid at the time of submitting the entries, but with the advent of the electronic age and internet banking, it has become difficult to operate under the old ways, so credit accounts are provided. Generally, entries are to be paid for before the regatta, which in most cases gives clubs and schools about ten days to organise their payments.Where clubs do the entries for their schools, Karapiro Rowing will not split out school entries and identify them separately in club accounts.

Racing Uniforms

Each Club and School have registered with their appropriate governing body, an official racing uniform. It is a requirement that Clubs and Schools must wear these colours when competing at Karapiro Rowing organised regattas.The colours to be worn is determined by who does the entries. If the entries were submitted by a club including affiliated schools, then Club colours registered with Rowing New Zealand shall be worn by all crews entered. If the entries were submitted by a school, then the colours registered with the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Assn shall be worn.

The Regatta Venue

The Mighty River Domain is operated by the Waipa District Council and Karapiro Rowing pays a rental for the areas that it uses to run the regattas. Generally, we hire the spectator bank, the boat park and the upper Carpark for most of the regattas. In addition to these areas, there are often additional rooms and areas hired in the Don Rowland Centre (the main building at the domain). Karapiro Rowing owns the Finish / Control tower and all the other rowing facilities at and on the lake.

The Spectator Embankment has a number of tent sites on which clubs and schools can erect a tent as a base for their organisation. These can be booked at the time of submitting entries for a regatta and will be allocated after the close of entries.

There is an area that is set aside for the storage of boats and boat trailers that are being used for the regatta. The trailer parks are generally allocated in advance so that all clubs have a space on which to park their own trailer. There is parking adjacent to the boat park for towing vehicles and for minibuses that are used to transport athletes.

The public car park is for all spectators, parents, coaches and athletes and is located behind the spectator embankment. There is usually a modest charge for the use of this car park to offset the cost of hiring the area and the cost of the traffic management.