Regatta Calendar

Legion of Rowers
Masters Regatta
Sat 27 April 2019

DRAFT 2019 - 2020 Season

Karapiro Memorial Regatta
19 - 17 November 2019
Karapiro Club Regatta
30 November - 1 December 2019
Christmas Regatta
13 - 15 December 2019
Cambridge Town Cup
24-26 January 2020
North Island Club Champs
25-2 January 2020
2018 Rocket Foods
NZ Rowing Championships
18-22 February 2020
Aon Junior Regatta
29 February - 1 March 2020
Aon North Island Secondary
School Championships
13 - 15 March 2020

Information for the Club Treasurer


Karapiro Rowing run some of the largest regattas in New Zealand and at times in the Southern Hemisphere, and as a result have to have some financial controls in place to ensure that we continue to operate a professional and business like operation. Club treasurers play a vital role in all of this. Karapiro Rowing has moved to an entirely electronic system for its accounts where everything is done by email.

Getting organised ahead of time

One of the first jobs that should be done is to advise Karapiro Rowing who the treasurer is and their contact email and phone number. The biggest problem that Karapiro Rowing has with accounts is not knowing who to send them to.Please advise Karapiro Rowing of changes to your treasurer of accounts contact by emailing the

Regatta Terms and Conditions

Each regatta that is run by Karapiro Rowing has a unique set of Terms and Conditions written for it. It is important that Club Treasurer reads the conditions that are relevant to the accounting function within the club. The terms and conditions will state when and how payments can be made. It is important that these conditions are followed as failure to make payments by the due time could mean that crews are excluded from racing in the situation where clubs have not made timely payments.

How the invoicing system works

Once the entries for a regatta have closed, the entry information is downloaded from the entry site and invoices are produced that cover the event entry fees, the Amenity Fees payable for each rower, RNZ Seat Fees and the charge for the Tent Site booking if one has been booked. This invoice will be generated and emailed to the nominated email address within 24 hrs of the close of entries and must be paid so that Karapiro Rowing receives the payment within 5 days of the close of entries.

After entries have closed, a number of things happen before the regatta. Often Supplementary Entries are called for to fill lanes available in some events. These entries close about two days before the regatta and are invoiced soon after the close off time. This invoice is not due for payment until after the regatta. Also before the regatta, clubs have the option to scratch crews from events. If the scratching is done before the advertised close off time, then 75% of the entry fee (excluding seat fees) is credited back to the club. Scratchings submitted after the close off time will be subject to a late scratching fee. Either the credit or the late scratching invoice will generally be emailed before the regatta.

After the conclusion of the regatta there could be a number of credit notes or invoices generated as follows:

Amenity Fee Credit Note
issued when a club has been charged an amenity fee for an athlete at the time of entry and the athlete did not attend the regatta. 75% of the amenity fee is credited.
Amenity Fee Invoice
issued when an athlete attends the regatta that was not in the original entry listing and no amenity fee was charged originally.
Late Scratching Fee
issued where a crew withdraws from a race at the regatta
Did Not Start (DNS) Penalty
Charged where a crew failed to start in a race in which they had drawn a lane. The reason they did not start is irrelevant.
Non Progression Penalty
charged where a crew qualified for a subsequent round of racing and did not take part.
Non Declared Substitution Penalty
charged where an a crew has an athlete in it who is different to that which was advised to Regatta Control.
Lost Number
charged for bow numbers that have not been returned after a race.

After all invoices have been generated a Regatta Transaction Summary is then emailled to all clubs. This summarises all Invoice and Credit Notes issued for the regatta . After the regatta has finished all the accounting informtion for the regatta is then passed on to another person who processes the payments and will send out an ordinary monthly statement to all clubs and schools.

Payment of Accounts

Accounts can be paid either by Cheque or by Internet Banking (which is the preferred method). The account number and bank details always appear in the Terms and Conditions for the regatta. Please ensure that payments are made into the correct account and that the suffix is correct. In years gone by (before the internet and electronic banking), regatta entry fees were required to accompany the entries. Our terms have had to change a little to allow time for the payment to be made by posting a cheque to our post office box for the few clubs that still do not use internet banking. In any event, regatta entry fees for the initial entries must be paid prior to the regatta or the club or school will not be allowed to race. Fees incurred during the course of the regatta and after the close of entries are due and payable by return mail and have to be paid prior to the next regatta.

In the past there has been much confusion created by schools and (in the case of masters regattas) individuals sending cheques to pay for or part pay for invoices that were issued to clubs. Payments must be from the organisation that submitted the entries and whose name appears on the invoice. Any payments received from others will be credited to their account or returned to sender in the case of an individual. For example: if Hillcrest High school enters as the Hamilton Rowing Club the invoice will go to the Hamilton Rowing Club. In this case we would expect the cheque for the Hillcrest entries to come from the Hamilton Rowing Club on one of their cheques, but if Hillcrest High School sends a cheque for the entries then we will credit the Hillcrest High Account and the Hamilton Rowing Club account will still have the Hillcrest fees owing. When the next regatta comes along, Hamilton Rowing Club will not be allowed to compete until such time as their outstanding fees are paid. There are two solutions to this problem;

  • The club should collect the fees from the school and the pay the account, or
  • Hillcrest High School should enter the regatta as Hillcrest High School and they would be invoiced accordingly and we would be happy to accept their cheque.