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Regatta Information

Date:3 September 2016
No. Lanes:8
Lane Wires:9
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:17 August 2016
Entries Close:29 August 2016
Entry Cost:$30 + GST
RNZ C/L:Optional
Age:31 Dec 2016
Entry System:rowIT

Waikato / Cambridge Tri-Series Masters Regatta

Bay of Plenty Masters Tri-Series Regatta

Saturday 3 September 2016 – Lake Karapiro

Regatta Notice

  1. Regatta Dates: The regatta is a one day regatta and shall commence at 9am on Saturday 3rd September 2016 with racing expected to start at about 10am.
  2. Regatta Venue: The regatta shall be held at the Mighty River Domain at Lake Karapiro.
  3. Regatta Status:   This regatta is a Local Regatta as defined by Rule 1, clause 4.c of the New Zealand Rowing Association (NZRA) Rules of Racing 2013.

4.    Generally: The Regatta will be conducted in accordance with the NZRA Rules of Racing (2013) and the Training and Competition Safety Codes except as now modified by the Karapiro Rowing Inc. (KRI) in these conditions or by the Race Committee in exceptional circumstances on the day, in the interests of safety and/or fair competition.

5.    Distance of Races: The Distance of all races shall be 1000m.

6.    Course Description: All races will be held on a buoyed, 8 lane, straight course without a held start. The water for all intents and purposes is to be considered as still and without flow. Lane 1 shall be closest to the Shore.

7.    Minimum Number of Entries: If, at the close of entries there are less than 3 entries in any event, the event shall be combined with another event.

8.    Qualification System: In the situation where there are more entries than places in the Final, the event will be run in divisions.

9.    Maximum number of crews per race: Generally, with the exception of an event with nine entries, races will be limited to a maximum of eight crews, but in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Race Committee this may be extended to nine crews.

11.  Trophies: There are no trophies awarded at this regatta

12.  Pre-Regatta Safety Briefing:  A Pre-regatta safety briefing will be held in the Boat Park ONE HOUR before the commencement of racing on Saturday 3rd September  2016. It is a requirement of participation in the regatta that an official from each and every club that submitted entries is in attendance. A Roll call will be taken.

  1. Disclaimer: No responsibility or liability of any kind for loss or damage arising out of the conduct of the regatta shall attach to any of the regatta organisers or any of the regatta officials.

14.  Closing Date for Entries: Entries close at 8am on Monday 29th August 2016

16.  Entry Mode: Entries can only be submitted electronically on the rowIT website ( prior to the closing date and time. No other form of entry will be accepted, either electronic, typed or hand written unless requested to be so by the Regatta Coordinator for the regatta.

17.  Entry Fees: The following entry fees will be charged:

                   Rowers   $30 plus GST    Coxswains:    No Charge


Entry Conditions 

18.   Entry Entities:  Entries must be submitted by Clubs.

19.   Entry Eligibility: All competitors shall be members of a Rowing Club registered with either Rowing New Zealand or an International Rowing Federation affiliated to FISA.

20.   Mixed Crews:  For events that allow entry of mixed crews, these crews shall compose equal numbers of each gender of rower.

21.     Composite Crews:  Composite crews may be formed between any club and in all boat classes.

22. Late Entries: Late entries may be accepted prior to the release of the draw at the sole discretion of the Entries Administrator. There will be no late entries accepted on the day of the regatta.

23. Entries:

a.      Rule 41 of the Rules of Racing (2013) is excluded in its entirety from this regatta.

b.      All entries must be submitted electronically using the rowIT web site (

c.       Entries must include the Names of all rowers and coxswains. An entry that does not contain all the correct information will not be accepted.

d.      Date of birth and assessed age for age group events.

e.      Entries for Composite crews must also include the Club Code for each of the individual rowers.

f.        Clubs will be invoiced in full for their entries by email within 24hrs of the close of entries to the last advised address for receiving accounts.

g.      The full entry fees are to be paid IN ONE PAYMENT FOR THE ENTIRE CLUB either by Direct Credit or Cheque before the commencement of the regatta.

h.      Payment by Cheque: An email must be sent to advising that payment has been made by cheque and cheques must be made payable to Karapiro Rowing  Inc. for the full amount of the entry fees and posted in a timely manner so that they will be delivered before the commencement of the regatta to:

Karapiro Rowing Inc

P.O.Box 1052

Cambridge 3450

i.        Payment by Direct Credit: An email must be sent to  advising that payment has been made by Direct Credit to the account of Karapiro Rowing  Inc.ASB – Cambridge  account number 12-3268-088115-50 with the Club name supplied as a reference.

j.        Entries close at 8am on Monday 29th August 2016.

Post Entry Conditions

24. Substitution of Rowers:

a)   Substitution of rowers (including coxswains) as provided by the NZRA Rules of racing must be submitted to Regatta Control for approval at least 60 minutes before the start of the first race in that event if the Substitution will not affect the Average Age of the Crew.

b)   Substitution of rowers (including coxswains) as provided by the NZRA Rules of racing must be submitted to Regatta Control for approval at least 90 minutes before the start of the first race in that event if the Substitution does affect the Average Age of the Crew. Competitors are reminded that these substitutions are often not possible to approve as the event that they end up being transferred to has already raced.

c)    Regatta Control shall have the sole responsibility for the recording and approval of Substitutions. Regatta Control will make available to the Race Committee all substitutions that have been approved.

d)      Substitution of rowers can only be done ONLINE on the rowIT web site ( up until 8am on Friday 2nd September 2016.

e)      A Club making a substitution for either a rower or coxswain after 8am on Friday 2nd September 2016 may make that substitution at the Regatta Secretary’s Office at the Control Tower in writing or by a person with a valid rowIT login on the Karapiro Rowing web site. (

25.     Scratchings:

a)      Scratchings must be notified ONLINE on the rowIT website ( by 8am on Friday 2nd September 2016.

b)       A Club submitting a scratching after 8am on Friday 2nd September 2016 may make that scratching at the Regatta Secretary’s Office at the Control Tower (on the day of the regatta) in writing or by a person with a valid rowIT login on the Karapiro Rowing web site. (

26.          Did Not Start Penalty:  A crew that has drawn to start in a Division or Final of an event but which does not take part in that race shall incur a Did Not Start penalty of $40 + GST.


Race Day Conditions.

27.   Race Structure:  Every endeavor will be made to maintain the racing structure as proposed. However, Regatta Control after consulting the Race Committee reserves the right to alter, for any reason it sees fit, the program as published.

28.   Responsibility for Safety and Fitness:

a.    Each rower (including coxswains) participating in this regatta is primarily responsible to ensure that his /her boat is in a safe condition to go on to the water and that his or her crew is also fit to race.   Any concerns about safety or fitness are to be brought immediately to the attention of the responsible official of that rower’s club prior to the crew taking to the water;

b.    Club officials are responsible for every crew from their club and more specifically (1) that each crew’s boat is safe to go on to the water by meeting the requirements of clause 33 of these conditions and (2) that the rowers are also fit to race.  

c.    Any continuing concerns as to safety and fitness are to be brought to the attention of the Chief Umpire prior to the crew taking to the water.

29.   Lake Use  During Regatta:

a.     GREEN Flag - the Lake is open either for training or racing as directed.

b.     RED or NO Flag - the lake is closed to all regatta participants. 

30.   Water Traffic Rules:

a.    The traffic rules for training and racing are as displayed at the Marshal’s office adjacent to the launching pontoons. The traffic rules must be strictly complied with.

b.    During racing, all crews must proceed to the start as directed and remain outside the course at all times until called in for the start of that crew’s race.

c.    No crew may cross the course except at the start when called in to race or as specifically directed by an official. 

31.   Coxswains:

a.      For all women’s and mixed crew events, the minimum weight of the coxswain (including dead-weight) in racing uniform excluding lifejacket  shall be 50 kgs with a maximum of 20 kgs dead-weight permitted to make up weight.

b.      For all other events, the minimum weight of the coxswain (including dead-weight) in racing uniform excluding lifejacket shall be 55 kgs with a maximum of 20 kgs dead-weight permitted to make up weight.

c.       Coxswains are not required to weigh.

d.      Dead-weight to be secured together or contained so that it is clearly identifiable as dead-weight. Dead-weight shall not be carried in a manner that might affect the ability of the coxswain to escape from the boat in the case of an emergency.

e.      Dead-weight may be check-weighed at any time. If inadequate weight is carried in a race, the crew will be relegated to last place in that race.

f.       Coxswains will not wear heavy cotton or woolen clothing (such as jeans, sweaters or sweatshirts) but suitable clothing that will keep them warm (e.g. poly-props, polar fleeces etc.) but which will not weigh them down if they become wet.

g.      Life-jackets – coxswains must wear a New Zealand standards approved life-jacket, suitable for their size and weight, and outside all other clothing.   Life-jackets must be in good condition and have in a legible state the manufacturer’s label and certification intact.  Under no circumstances are inflatable (either manual or automatic) lifejackets to be worn by coxswains during the regatta.


32.   Boat Numbers:

                                  All boats must carry a bow number indicating the LANE number as shown in the day sheet. Crews without a number may not be allowed to start. The number must be placed on the boat so as to be read from the Judges’ side of the course at the finish. Alpha Numeric bow numbers will be supplied by Karapiro Rowing, these numbers must be used at the exclusion of all others. Numbers supplied by Karapiro Rowing not returned within 30 minutes after the race in which they were last used will be charged at $25 + GST per instance. A crew that crosses the Finish line with an incorrect bow number may be Disqualified and excluded from the results.

33.   Boat Safety Standards:

It is a matter of prime importance that all boats must be in a safe condition for rowing. Each crew and their coach(s) are primarily responsible for ensuring that their boat is safe for rowing and meets the minimum standards prescribed in the NZRA Rules of Racing and are operated in the manner intended or prescribed by the boat manufacturer. Crews, whose boats do not meet these standards 20 minutes before the advertised time of the race, may be excluded from the race at the discretion of the official conducting the Boat Safety Compliance Checks. The Official shall inform Regatta Control of their decision.

34.   Exclusion of all Tort Liability of Whatsoever Nature:

All due care will be taken by the regatta organisers and officials to ensure the regatta is conducted safely and efficiently. However, it remains the prime and principal responsibility of individuals participating in the regatta (either as rowers, coxswains, coaches, or other club officials) to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner at all times.   This includes making sure prior to racing that their boats are safe for racing and generally in compliance with these conditions.   Also, that the rowers in each crew are fit for the ordeal of racing.   They must also ensure that these conditions are complied with and that the directions of the Regatta Officials are followed.

Further, it is a condition of participation in this Regatta that all participants accept and note that no liability either in tort or any other nature whatsoever, is accepted by or will attach to the New Zealand Rowing Association Inc., Karapiro Rowing Inc. or the Waikato Rowing Association Inc.  for any harm, damage, loss, costs, expenses, inconvenience, interference, of whatever nature and whatever kind, including any damage to equipment or injury to persons of whatever nature incurred in the course of, or in connection with, or in any way related to the Regatta, regardless of whether any omission, wrongdoing, oversight, negligence, or other tort whatsoever on the part of any Regatta Official, or other person may be established.