Regatta Information

Date:3 September 2016
No. Lanes:8
Lane Wires:9
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:17 August 2016
Entries Close:29 August 2016
Entry Cost:$30 + GST
RNZ C/L:Optional
Age:31 Dec 2016
Entry System:rowIT

Bay of Plenty Tri-Series Masters Regatta

Event # Event Code Event Name
1 W A-K 2- Womens Masters A-K Coxless Pair
2 M E-K 1x Mens Masters E-K Single Scull
3 W F-K 2x Womens Masters F-K Double Scull
4 W A-C 4x- Womens Masters A-C Coxless Quad
5 M A-K 4 Mens Masters A-K Coxed/Coxless Four
6 X C-D 2x Mixed Masters C-D Double Scull
7 M F-K 2x Mens Masters F-K Double Scull
8 W E-K 1x Womens Masters E-K Single Scull
9 X A-B 4x- Mixed Masters A-B Coxless Quad
10 M A-K 2- Mens Masters A-K Coxless Pair
11 W A-C 2x Womens Masters A-C Double Scull
12 X E-F 4x- Mixed Masters E-F Coxless Quad
13 M A-D 1x Mens Masters A-D Single Scull
14 W D-K 4x- Womens Masters D-K Coxless Quad
15 M D-K 4x- Mens Masters D-K Coxless Quad
16 X A-B 2x Mixed Masters A-B Double Scull
17 W A-K 4 Womens Masters A-K Coxed/Coxless Four
18 M D-E 2x Mens Masters D-E Double Scull
19 X E-K 2x Mixed Masters E-K Double Scull
20 M A-C 4x- Mens Masters A-C Coxless Quad
20a X A-K 4- Mixed Masters A-K Coxless Four
21 M A-C 2x Mens Masters A-C Double Scull
22 X C-D 4x- Mixed Masters C-D Coxless Quad
23 W D-E 2x Womens Masters D-E Double Scull
24 W A-D 1x Womens Masters A-D Single Scull
25 W Eight Womens Masters Eight
26 M Eight Mens Masters Eight
27 X Eight Mixed Masters Eight


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