Regatta Information

Date:1 September 2018
No. Lanes:6
Lane Wires:7
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:6 August 2018
Entries Close:20 August 2018
Entry Cost:$30 + GST
RNZ C/L:Optional
Age:31 Dec 2018
Entry System:rowIT

Bay of Plenty Masters Regatta Events

Event # Event Code Event Name
1 W Mst 2- Womens Open Coxless Pair
2 M Mst E-K 1X Mens E-K Single Scull
3 W Mst F-K 2X Womens F-K Single Scull
4 W Mst A-C 4X- Womens A-C Coxless Quad
5 M Mst 4[+] Mens Coxed / Coxless Four
6 Mx Mst C-D 2X Mixed C-D Double Scull
7 M Mst F-K 2X Mens F-K Double Scull
8 M Nov 4(X)- Mens Open Novice Coxless Quad / Four
9 W Nov 4(X)- Womens Open Novice Coxless Quad / Four
10 Mx Nov 4(X)- Mixed Open Novice Coxless Quad / Four
11 W Mst E-K 1X Womens E-K Single Scull
12 Mx Mst A-B 4X- Mixed A-B Coxless Quad
13 M Mst 2- Mens Open Coxless Pair
14 W Mst A-C 2X Womens A-C Double Scull
15 Mx Mst E-F 4X- Mixed E-F Coxless Quad
16 M Mst A-D 1X Mens A-D Single Scull
17 W Mst D-K 4X- Womens D-K Coxless Quad
18 M Mst D-K 4X- Mens D-K Coxless Quad
19 Mx Mst A-B 2X Mixed A-B Double Scull
20 W Mst 4[+] Womens Open Coxless / Coxed Four
21 M Mst D-E 2X Mens D-E Double Scull
22 Mx Mst E-K 2X Mixed E-K Double Scull
23 W Mst A-D 1X Womens A-D Single Scull
24 Mx Mst 4- Mixed Open Coxless Four
25 M Mst A-C 2X Mens A-C Double Scull
26 Mx Mst C-D 4X- Mixed C-D Coxless Quad
27 W Mst D-E 2X Womens D-E Double Scull
28 M Mst A-D 4X- Mens A-D Coxless Quad
29 W Mst 8+ Womens Open Eight
30 M Mst 8+ Mens Open Eight
31 Mx Mst 8+ Mixed Open Eight


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