Regatta Information

First Day:26 Jan 2018
Last Day:29 Jan 2018
No. Lanes:8
Lane Wires:9
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:18 Dec 2017
Entries Close:15 Jan 2018
Combined Fees:See Below
RNZ C/L:Required
Age:1 Jan 2018

4 Day Fees

Amenity Fee:$24.00
Tent Site:$200.00
All Fees are GST Excl.

Cambridge Town Cup / North Island Club Champs - Saturday Events

Event # Event Code Event Name
2 W Int 8+ Womens Intermediate Eight
4 W Club 4+ Womens Club Coxed Four
5 M Nov 4X+ Mens Novice Coxed Quad Scull
7 M U22 2- Mens under 22 Coxless Pair
8 W Snr 1X Womens Senior Single Scull
10 W Nov 2X Womens Novice Double Scull
82 G U18 4X+ Girls under 18 Coxed Quad Scull
11 M Int 8+ Mens Intermediate Eight
13 M Club 4+ Mens Club Coxed Four
105 MM A-K 2x Mens Masters A-K Double Scull
106 WM A-K 2x Womens Masters A-K Double Scull
86 B U15 4+ Boys under 15 Coxed Four
16 W Snr 2- Womens Senior Coxless Pair
18 W U22 2- Womens under 22 Coxless Pair
19 M Snr 1X Mens Senior Single Scull
87 G U17 2X Girls under 17 Double Scull
90 B U17 4X+ Boys under 17 Coxed Quad Scull
20 W Prem 2- Womens Premier Coxless Pair
21 M Prem 2- Mens Premier Coxless Pair
91 G U15 8X+ Girls under 15 Octuple Scull
23 W Int 2X Womens Intermediate Double Scull
25 M Nov 2X Mens Novice Double Scull
27 M Club 2- Mens Club Coxless Pair
29 W Nov 4X+ Womens Novice Coxed Quad Scull
94 G U16 2X Girls under 16 Double Scull
95 B U16 1X Boys under 16 Single Scull
30 M Snr 2- Mens Senior Coxless Pair
32 W Club 2X Womens Club Double Scull
34 M Int 2X Mens Intermediate Double Scull
35 M U22 2X Mens under 22 Double Scull
98 B U15 8X+ Boys under 15 Octuple Scull
37 W Prem 1X Womens Premier Single Scull
38 M Prem 1X Mens Premier Single Scull
42 W U22 2X Womens under 22 Double Scull
43 M Club 2X Mens Club Double Scull
44 W Nov 8+ Womens Novice Eight
45 W Snr 2X Womens Senior Double Scull
48 W Club 2- Womens Club Coxless Pair
107 MM A-K 4x+/- Mens Masters A-K Coxed/Coxless Quad Scull
108 WM A-K 4x+/- Womens Masters A-K Coxed/Coxless Quad Scull
50 W Int 4X+ Womens Intermediate Coxed Quad Scull
51 M Club 4X- Mens Club Coxless Quad Scull
53 M Nov 8+ Mens Novice Eight
54 M Snr 2X Mens Senior Double Scull
56 W Prem 4- Womens Premier Coxless Four
104 W U19 4+ Womens under 19 Coxed Four
57 W Snr 4- Womens Senior Coxless Four
59 M Prem 4- Mens Premier Coxless Four
60 M Snr 4- Mens Senior Coxless Four
103 M U19 4+ Mens under 19 Coxed Four
1 B U17 1X Boys under 17 Single Scull CTC Final
3 G U17 4+ Girls under 17 Coxed Four CTC Final
62 M U22 1X Mens under 22 Single Scull
64 W U20 1X Womens under 20 Single Scull
6 B U15 2X Boys under 15 Double Scull CTC Final
66 W Club 4X- Womens Club Coxless Quad Scull
9 G U15 4X+ Girls under 15 Coxed Quad Scull CTC Final
67 M Int 4X+ Mens Intermediate Coxed Quad Scull
68 M Prem 2X Mens Premier Double Scull
69 W Prem 2X Womens Premier Double Scull
72 W U22 1X Womens under 22 Single Scull
73 M U20 1X Mens under 20 Single Scull
12 B U18 2- Boys under 18 Coxless Pair CTC Final
14 G U18 2X Girls under 18 Double Scull CTC Final
75 W Snr 4X- Womens Senior Coxless Quad Scull
76 W Nov 4+ Womens Novice Coxed Four
77 W Int 4+ Womens Intermediate Coxed Four
79 W Club 8+ Womens Club Eight
15 B U16 4X+ Boys under 16 Coxed Quad Scull CTC Final
81 M Int 4+ Mens Intermediate Coxed Four
83 M Club 8+ Mens Club Eight
84 W Prem 4X- Womens Premier Coxless Quad Scull
85 M Snr 4X- Mens Senior Coxless Quad Scull
88 M Nov 4+ Mens Novice Coxed Four
89 M Prem 4X- Mens Premier Coxless Quad Scull
17 G U16 1X Girls under 16 Single Scull CTC Final
92 W Int 1X Womens Intermediate Single Scull
93 M Int 1X Mens Intermediate Single Scull
22 B U17 8+ Boys under 17 Eight CTC Final
24 G U17 4X+ Girls under 17 Coxed Quad Scull CTC Final
96 W Club 1X Womens Club Single Scull
97 M Club 1X Mens Club Single Scull
26 G U15 4+ Girls under 15 Coxed Four CTC Final
99 WS8+ Womens Senior Eight
100 MS8+ Mens Senior Eight
101 G U18 8+ Girls under 18 Eight
102 B U18 8+ Boys under 18 Eight


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