Regatta Information

First Day:25 Jan 2018
Last Day:28 Jan 2018
No. Lanes:8
Lane Wires:9
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:1 Jan 2019
Entries Close:14 Jan 2019
Combined Fees:See Below
RNZ C/L:Required
Age:1 Jan 2019

4 Day Fees

Amenity Fee:$24.00
Tent Site:$200.00
All Fees are GST Excl.

Cambridge Town Cup / North Island Club Champs - Monday Events

Event # Event Code Event Name
3 W Int 2X Womens Intermediate Double Scull
4 M Nov 2X Mens Novice Double Scull
5 M Snr 2- Mens Senior Coxless Pair
6 W Nov 2X Womens Novice Double Scull
9 M Clb 2X Mens Club Double Scull
11 W Clb 4X- Womens Club Quadruple Scull
12 W Int 4+ Womens Intermediate Coxed Four
15 M Nov 4X+ Mens Novice Coxed Quadruple Scull
17 M Snr 1X Mens Senior Single Scull
18 W Prm 2- Womens Premier Coxless Pair
19 M Prm 2- Mens Premier Coxless Pair
23 M Clb 2- Mens Club Coxless Pair
25 W Clb 4+ Womens Club Coxed Four
27 W Snr 1X Womens Senior Single Scull
29 M Int 1X Mens Intermediate Single Scull
32 W Nov 4X+ Womens Novice Coxed Quadruple Scull
36 W Prm 1X Womens Premier Single Scull
37 M Prm 1X Mens Premier Single Scull
41 M Nov 8+ Mens Novice Eight
44 W Snr 2- Womens Senior Coxless Pair
46 M Clb 4X- Mens Club Quadruple Scull
48 W Nov 8+ Womens Novice Eight
49 W Clb 2X Womens Club Double Scull
52 W Int 1X Womens Intermediate Single Scull
55 W Snr 2X Womens Senior Double Scull
56 M Snr 4- Mens Senior Coxless Four
62 M Nov 4+ Mens Novice Coxed Four
63 W U20 1x Womens under 20 Single Scull
64 M u20 1x Mens under 20 Single Scull
65 M Clb 4+ Mens Club Coxed Four
67 W Clb 2- Womens Club Coxless Pair
68 W Nov 4+ Womens Novice Coxed Four
72 W Snr 4- Womens Senior Coxless Four
73 M Snr 2X Mens Senior Double Scull
76 M Prm 2X Mens Premier Double Scull
77 M Int 2X Mens Intermediate Double Scull
78 W Prm 2X Womens Premier Double Scull
80 M Clb 1X Mens Club Single Scull
81 W Clb 1X Womens Club Single Scull
86 W Snr 4X- Womens Senior Quadruple Scull
90 M Snr 4X- Mens Senior Quadruple Scull
91 M Int 4+ Mens Intermediate Coxed Four
92 M Clb 8+ Mens Club Eight
93 W Clb 8+ Womens Club Eight
95 W Snr 8+ Womens Senior Eight
96 M Snr 8+ Mens Senior Eight


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