Regatta Information

Date:17-18 November 2018
No. Lanes:8
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:22 Oct 2018 8:00am
Entries Close:5 Nov 2018 8:00am
Regatta Type:Local Regatta
Regatta Class:Non Classification
Entry Cost:See Below:
RNZ C/L:Required

Entry Fees

Seat Fee:$1.00 per seat
rowIT Fee:$0.20 per seat
Amenity Fee:$12.00 per athlete
Late Scratching:$40.00
Did Not Start:$60.00
Non Progression:$150.00
Non Declared Crew Change:$50.00
Lost/Late Return of Number:$25.00
Tent Site:$100.00
All Fees:plus GST

2018 Karapiro Memorial Regatta

Event # Event Code Event Name
1 Bu18 2- Boys under 18 Coxless Pair
2 Bu16 1x Boys under 16 Single Scull
3 WC1x Womens Club Single Scull
4 MC1x Men Club Single Scull
5 MS2- Men Senior Coxless Pair
6 MP2- Men Premier Coxless Pair
7 MI1x Men Intermediate Single Scull
8 WS2- Womens Senior Coxless Pair
9 WP2- Womens Premier Coxless Pair
10 MN4+ Men Novice Coxed Four
11 Gu16 4+ Girls under 16 Coxed Four
12 Gu18 1x Girls under 18 Single Scull
13 WC2- Womens Club Coxless Pair
14 WI2x Womens Intermediate Double Scull
15 Bu16 4x+ Boys under 16 Coxed Quad
16 Bu18 2x Boys under 18 Double Scull
17 MI4x+ Men Intermediate Coxed Quad
18 MC4x- Men Club Coxless Quad
19 MN4x+ Men Novice Coxed Quad
20 Gu16 8+ Girls under 16 Eight
21 Gu18 4x+ Girls under 18 Coxed Quad
22 WN2x Womens Novice Double Scull
23 MP1x Men Premier Single Scull
24 MS1x Men Senior Single Scull
25 WP1x Womens Premier Single Scull
26 WS1x Womens Senior Single Scull
27 WC2x Womens Club Double Scull
28 WI4+ Womens Intermediate Coxed Four
29 MN8+ Men Novice Eight
30 Gu16 1x Girls under 16 Single Scull
31 MI2x Men Intermediate Double Scull
32 WN4+ Womens Novice Coxed Four
33 MC4+ Men Club Coxed Four
34 WI8x+ Womens Intermediate Octuple
35 Bu18 4x+ Boys under 18 Coxed Quad
36 Bu16 2x Boys under 16 Double Scull
37 Gu18 4+ Girls under 18 Coxed Four
38 WC4+ Womens Club Coxed Four
39 MS2x Men Senior Double Scull
40 MP2x Men Premier Double Scull
41 WS2x Womens Senior Double Scull
42 WP2x Womens Premier Double Scull
43 MI8x+ Men Intermediate Octuple
44 MN2x Men Novice Double Scull
45 WN8x+ Womens Novice Octuple
46 Bu18 4+ Boys under 18 Coxed Four
47 MC2- Men Club Coxless Pair
48 WI1x Womens Intermediate Single Scull
49 Gu16 2x Girls under 16 Double Scull
50 Gu18 2- Girls under 18 Coxless Pair
51 Bu16 4+ Boys under 16 Coxed Four
52 WO4- Womens Open Coxless Four
53 MO4- Men Open Coxless Four
54 WN4x+ Womens Novice Coxed Quad
55 MI4+ Men Intermediate Coxed Four
56 MC2x Men Club Double Scull
57 MN8x+ Men Novice Octuple
58 Bu18 1x Boys under 18 Single Scull
59 WI4x+ Womens Intermediate Coxed Quad
60 WC4x- Womens Club Coxless Quad
61 Gu18 2x Girls under 18 Double Scull
62 WO4x- Womens Open Coxless Quad
63 MO4x- Men Open Coxless Quad
64 Gu16 4x+ Girls under 16 Coxed Quad
65 WN8+ Womens Novice Eight
66 Bu16 8+ Boys under 16 Eight
67 WI8+ Womens Intermediate Eight
68 MI8+ Men Intermediate Eight
69 WC8+ Womens Club Eight
70 MC8+ Men Club Eight
71 MS8+ Mens Senior 8+
72 WS8+ Womens Senior 8+
73 Gu18 8+ Girls under 18 Eight
74 Bu18 8+ Boys under 18 Eight


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