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Regatta Information

Date:1 September 2018
No. Lanes:6
Lane Wires:7
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:6 August 2018
Entries Close:20 August 2018
Entry Cost:$30 + GST
RNZ C/L:Optional
Age:31 Dec 2018
Entry System:rowIT

Bay of Plenty Masters Regatta (2018)


This Masters regatta is being hosted by Karapiro Rowing for the Bay of Plenty Rowing Association this year with all profits from the regatta being returned to the Bay of Plenty. The Regatta will be held over 6 lanes on the Karapiro 1000m course that was built for the World Masters Games two years ago. The regatta will have a held start with the Bay of Plent Rowing Association providing the boat holders.


Entries for the regatta open on Monday 6th August 2018 at 8am and will close on Mondat 20th August 2018 at 8am. The entry cost is $30 + GST and is payable in one payment by the club that submitted the entries and not on a piecemeal basis by individual competitors. The regatta program and conditions are accessable via the tabs at the left of this text.

Safety Briefing Updated

This year there will no Pre Regatta safety briefing inline with Karapiro Rowings new policy on Safety Briefings. A Safety document will be circulated to all clubs in advance of the regatta and the Club will have to acknowledge that it has passed then information to all entrants. In the case of conditions or circumstances change that alters issues surrounding safety, then a safety briefing may be held to cover these issues.