Regatta Information

First Day:25 Jan 2018
Last Day:28 Jan 2018
No. Lanes:8
Lane Wires:9
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:1 Jan 2019
Entries Close:14 Jan 2019
Combined Fees:See Below
RNZ C/L:Required
Age:1 Jan 2019

4 Day Fees

Amenity Fee:$24.00
Tent Site:$200.00
All Fees are GST Excl.

Cambridge Town Cup & North Island Club Championships 2019


The Cambridge Town Cup and the North Island Club Championship Regatta are going to be run concurrently over the same four day weekend again this year. The Cambridge Town Cup will start on the Friday at about 9am and run through to Sunday afternoon and the North Island Club Championships will start on the Saturday morning at 7:30am and run through to the Monday afternoon. The way that the program has been written should allow schools and clubs to enter both regattas. It is important that School and Club representatives read all the information on this page and any updated information that is posted on this website.

Entry Fees

Entry Fees for the two regattas are different. For example an entry in an eight for the Cambridge Town Cup is $30.00 based on two rounds of racing regardless how long the regatta is; whereas, the entry fee for an eight in the North Island Club Champs is $36.00 as there are potentially up to three rounds of racing (Heats, Repecharges and Finals and also has a cost component toward the cost of the Medals. The charges for the entries will be billed separately for each regatta along with the RNZ Seat Levy.

Amenity Fees

If entering into both regattas, you will initially be charged an amenity fee for each rower in each of the regattas and so will incur charges for $36 worth of Amenity Fees per rower. After the accounts have been sent out for each regatta, a credit will be sent for $12.00 for each rower and will come as two $6.00 credits - $6 from the Cambridge Town Cup and $6 from the North Island Club Champs account.

Tent Site Fees

These will be dealt with in a similar manner as the Amenity Fees for Clubs or Schools attending both Regattas over the four days. The School / Club will be charged $300.00 and there will be two $50 credits issued; one from each regatta.

Planning your entries

Great care needs to be taken if you are planning to enter both regattas because of the way that the two regattas work together. It would be prudent to take notice of the following:

  • Using the Calendar Tabs to the right, go to each day and download the .pdf file and print a hard copy of it.
  • Junior Age Group events (u15 to u18) up to event 75 will have Heats raced on Friday.
  • Junior Age Group events (u15 to u18) 84 to 94 will have their heats raced with the North Island Club Champs Heats for events 3 to 18 and the heats for the under 18 Eights will raced at the end of Saturday
  • Junior Age Group events (u15 to u18) up to event 24 will have their Finals on Saturday Afternoon mixed in with the North Island Club Champs Heats.
  • Take special notice of the timings of Sunday North Island Club Champs repecharge races relative to the positioning of Junior Age Group events (u15 to u18) Finals.
  • The North Island Club under 19 events will have Heats on the Saturday and have their Finals raced on the Sunday. Medals will be awarded for these events at a Ceremony (Time to be advised)
  • The North Island Club Intermediate Quad, Eight and Octuple will have Heats on the Saturday and their Final on the Sunday as these are non-championship events on the New Zealnd Cjhampionships program. Medals will be awarded for these events at a Ceremony (Time to be advised)
  • The Men's and Women's Premier Quads and Four will have their Finals raced as part of the Saturday Heats Program with Heats for these events if required being raced on the Friday with the Cambridge Town Cup agegroup races.
  • North Island Club Champs Repecharges listed on Sunday may not take place if they are not required but this will not be known until after the close of entries. There is a traffic light indicator that indicates the relative chance of a North Island Club Champs repecharge taking place for each event to assist in Guessing the time between events.
  • There will be Semi-finals for some North Island Club Champs events and these will take place after the conclusion of the North Island Club Champs repecharges and Junior Age Group events (u15 to u18) from the Cambridge Town Cup.
  • Please be aware that the School or Club entering the Cambridge Town Cup events MUST wear the uniform of the entity that submitted the entry and MUST wear CLUB colours for ALL North Island Club Champs Events.
  • Please take note that if what you have entered can't be raced on the day due to clashes, the regatta will not wait for you and you will be charged the appropriate penalty. Over Entering is the biggest reason that we have restrictions on entries at Karapiro Regattas.


    A copy of the regatta program for each of the days of the regatta can be downloaded to your computer from one of the pages selected below.

    Friday Races

    Friday Events

    Saturday Heats and Finals

    Saturday Events

    Sunday Reps and Finals

    Sunday Events

    Monday Finals

    Monday Finals