Regatta Information

First Day:25 Jan 2019
Last Day:27 Jan 2019
No. Lanes:8
Lane Wires:9
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:1 Jan 2019
Entries Close:14 Jan 2019
Entry Cost:See Below:
RNZ C/L:Required
Age:1 Jan 2019
Entry System:rowIT

Entry Fees

Seat Levy:$1.20
Amenity Fee:$18.00
Late Entry:$20.00
Late Scratching:$40.00
Did Not Start:$60.00
Illegal Crew Change:$50.00
Tent Site:$150.00
All Fees are GST Excl.

Cambridge Town Cup


The Cambridge Town Cup Regatta is a three day regatta with the first day's racing starting at around 9:00am on the Friday. This year the format is the same as last year with only Age Group events being competed at the Cambridge Town Cup and all 'Club' events being competed at the North Island Club Championships that will be sharing the same venue on the same weekend.

Friday Events

The Friday race program consists only of age group events that are aimed at school based rowing programs as most students have not started school for the year by this time.

Saturday Events

The Saturday race program consists of a mixture of age group Heat races, Age group Finals for events 1 to 36 and Heat races for the North Island Club Championships. There will also be Heats for the four Masters Races.

Sunday Finals

The Sunday race program consists of Finals for school age group events 39 to 102. The finals will be raced in event number order and will have various repechages from the North Island Club Champs between them. The Finals for the Masters Races will also be held.

Entry Limits

Because of the size of the regatta, it has been neccessary to put a number of limits on entries to assist in the control of the current size and future growth of the regatta.

There is an entry limit per athlete of three event entries. This may be extended once the supplementary entries open.

There are entry limits on small boat entries as follows:

Bu16 1xBoys under 16 Single Scull2 Entries
Gu16 1xGirls under 16 Single Scull2 Entries
Bu17 1xBoys under 17 Single Scull2 Entries
Gu17 1xGirls under 17 Single Scull2 Entries
Bu18 1xBoys under 18 Single Scull2 Entries
Gu18 1xGirls under 18 Single Scull2 Entries
Bu15 2xBoys under 15 Double Scull2 Entries
Gu15 2xGirls under 15 Double Scull2 Entries
Bu16 2xBoys under 16 Double Scull2 Entries
Gu16 2xGirls under 16 Double Scull2 Entries
Bu17 2xBoys under 17 Double Scull2 Entries
Gu17 2xGirls under 17 Double Scull2 Entries
Bu18 2xBoys under 18 Double Scull2 Entries

Whilst Karapiro Rowing realise that the simple solution for a lot of schools would be to enter as Schools, where they have entered as Clubs in the past. Should this happen and increase the number of entries, then the entry limits will be reduced to one entry per Club / School.


Link to Regatta Conditions

A copy of the regatta program for each of the days of the regatta can be downloaded to your computer from one of the pages selected below.

Friday Heats

Friday Heats

Saturday Heats and Finals

Saturday Heats and Finals

Sunday Finals

Sunday Finals

Regatta Results

All Regatta results for past regattas hosted by Karapiro Rowing Inc. are held by rowIT. Please click on their logo below.

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