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Regatta Information

Date:4 November 2017
No. Lanes:4
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:4 Oct 2017 8:00am
Entries Close:26 Oct 2017 8:00am
Entry Cost:TBA
RNZ C/L:Optional

Entry Fees

Guy Fawkes 250m Sprint Regatta


The Guy Fawkes Spring Regatta is a new regatta for the 2017-2018 rowing season and has come about as result of an idea from Eric Murray of the Kiwi Pair fame. It is hoped that there will be sufficient uptake in entries for this regatta to ensure that it becomes an annual event.

Regatta Format

The Regatta will be raced over 250m with a held start. Racing will be divided into blocks with each block having four (4) to five (5) event in them with racing using only 4 lanes. Each block will contain Heats and Finals for the events and Semi-Finals if sufficien entries. Those that progress from their heats to either semis or finals will row straight back to the start after completing their heat and race soon after (picking up a bow number from the floating numbers hut on the way). The umpires will be static as was the case with the recent World Masters Games. With the events being run in blocks, athletes will have the opportunity to enter several races throughout the day.

Safety Briefing

The Pre Regatta safety Briefing will be held One hour before the first race on Saturday