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Regatta Information

Date:19 November 2016
No. Lanes:8
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:24 Oct 2016 8:00am
Entries Close:9 Nov 2016 8:00am
Entry Cost:See Below:
RNZ C/L:Optional

Entry Fees

Seat Fee:$1.20 per seat
Amenity Fee:$5.00 per athlete
Late Scratching:$40.00
Tent Site:No Charge
All Fees:plus GST

2017 Karapiro Spring Regatta


The Spring Regatta marks the start of the Karapiro Rowing Regatta Season for 2017. As an early season regatta it is designed to ease rowers back into the rowing season and this year retains the race distance of 1000m as a result of feedback received from a rowing survey of coaches and athletes. The general feeling was that 1000m was more achievable for young athletes when they had to race three times in the day.

Regatta Format

The regatta is split into three rounds of racing. The first round of racing takes the form of a time trial where all athletes will record a time for racing over 1000m. The second round of racing will be done over eight lanes, but the races will be put together based on the crews time trial time, regardless of boat type or gender. There is a progression system in place to the third round of racing where the winning crew in each race is promoted to a faster race in the next round and the slowest crew in the race is moved to the next slowest race. The third round of racing is again over eight lanes.

Safety Briefing

The Pre Regatta safety Briefing will be held One hour before the first race on Saturday